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The Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League is fully committed to providing a wide range to informative resources to players and parents in their considerations with respect to prospective student athletes and their hockey futures during and after their playing careers. Our mission statement is "Building Strong Career Foundations For Brighter Futures" goes hand in hand with our junior hockey players choosing a number of educational or vocational options available to them through our education consultant. The wide range of options include information packages for U.S. based Colleges, Canadian University and Siast programs as well as Vocational Employment Placements. Individual portfolios are created for each player based on their own future goals in mind. Coaches and team management have the necessary templates in place and with the help of our Education Consultant, Garry Gawryliuk, players have at their disposal all the necessary material to start their career planning whether it is hockey, educational or vocational in nature. The SJHL strongly supports these career concepts that are available for their young hockey athletes and the goal is to give every player the most up to date resources so that their decision making for the future is less complicated. The puck drops now and it is the responsibility of our junior hockey players to take advantage of all that we have to offer them.

Garry Gawryliuk
SJHL Education Consultant
206-333 Morrison Drive
Yorkton, Sask.
S3N R71
Res: 782-1998
Cell: 621-8008