Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League



The Saskatchewan Jr Hockey League announces the following to occur prior to the game between Notre Dame Hounds and the Melville Millionaires being played tonight Nov 10 2017.

Notre Dame protested that Isaac Embree was allowed to shoot during the shoot out in a game played on Wednesday Nov 8th 2017. Embree was still serving a 2 minute penalty and a 10 minute misconduct.

The referee’s allowed Embree to shoot and this was an error on the officiating crew.

The league ruling is the following:

  1. the goal that Embree scored is disallowed
  2. the shoot out will be reconvened at the point prior to when Embree shot
  3. the shootout will take place on Friday Nov 10 2017 prior to the commencement of the game.

the teams will have their normal warm up, the shootout will then take place after warm-up and prior to the ice being cleaned.

  1. rosters, do not have to be the same as on Wednesday Nov 8th. BUT only the players that were dressed in the Nov 8th game will be allowed to shoot. The goalies that were involved in the shootout, must be the goalies in the net for the shootout.
  2. Should the shootout get to the length of the complete roster, players that did not play in Wednesday’s game WILL NOT be allowed to shoot. Teams may now use a player for a second time.

Notre Dame had Jacob Standen in net, Jared Hamm and Marshall Wilton had shot for Notre Dame and did not score.

Melville Millionaires had Connor Dochuk in net, Damien Benz scored for Melville, Ethan Kopyczyn did not score.

Melville is the next shooter.

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