Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Ice Wolves’ Mexican international Apud to make debut

One of the things we all love about sports is its capacity to bring people together from all around the world, and no more is that greatness at play than in the case of La Ronge Ice Wolves’ Alejandro Apud.

Apud, 20, was born, raised, and hockey trained in Mexico City, and while his homeland is far from a hockey-mad nation, the passion for the game that emanates from the 2001-born forward is easily on par with any in Canada.

“It is sometimes a little shocking to be here,” he says.

“At the home opener when they announced my name, they said I was the first Mexican to play in the SJHL, and it rang a bell for me. It took me back to when I first started playing in the States and Mexico, and it is very cool. It is definitely wild and cool to be all the way up in Northern Saskatchewan based on where I am from.”

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