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Red Wings Announce New General Manager & Head Coach

By Weyburn Red Wings

The Weyburn Red Wings are please to announce that after an extensive search they have name Wes Rudy as the new Head Coach and Tanner McCall as the new General Manager/Head Scout for the upcoming 2016-2017 season.

Team president Brent Stephanson said that the hiring of Rudy came after a number of interviews with candidates, all of whom were highly qualified as well. In the end, though, the committee felt Rudy would be the best fit to take over for Bryce Thoma.

Rudy has spent the past four seasons with the team, three years as the goaltender coach, and last season as the assistant coach.

Head Coach, Wes Rudy stated, “Bryce Thoma left the team in really great shape.  This will help the transition for sure, and I wouldn’t have done this without Tanner.  He knows the player and recruiting end of it, and does a phenomenal job at that.  That was key to my decision.  Working with Bryce last year, I learned an immense amount and I feel very confident going into it.”

Stephanson said the work that McCall has done in the past few years with the team has proven he is the best person for the job, especially his work as a scout.

The move is a promotion for McCall, who was the assistant general manager and head scout last season. A former Red Wing player himself, McCall previously served as an assistant coach under Thoma.

General Manager and Head Scout, Tanner McCall stated, “We are really comfortable with who we have coming back as players.  Bryce has left us in an outstanding place right now.  The list is strong. The roster is strong.  There’s going to be some strong competition at camp and I look forward to seeing whose going to make the team this year.”

With this announcement, the Weyburn Red Wings’s new staff look forward hiring to hiring an assistant coach in the next few weeks.  With season starting with the Fall Camp September 3-5th, and leading into the home opener on September 17th against the Yorkton Terriers, Rudy and McCall are looking forward to a great season.


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