Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

SJHL Assistance Program Announces Partnerships


The Saskatchewan Jr Hockey League (SJHL) announces the following partners with the SJHL Assistance Program.

The Canadian Red Cross

The Red Cross have been instrumental in assisting the SJHL in creating support for players, families and hockey staff shortly after the tragedy occurred on April 6th. Should you want to access assistance please email to

Homewood Health

The SJHL Assistance Program has created a partnership with Homewood Health.

  • Homewood manages a national network of over 4500 credentialed counsellors in every part of the country delivering service to over two million Canadians and their family members.
  • Expertise in delivering counselling, support and treatment for trauma and concurrent mental health & addiction disorders.
  • Holistic approach supported by in-house clinical and medical expertise, professional local¬†counselling resources, and 24/7 access to clinical and counselling support. Should you have a need to access a counsellor please call this number 1-866-459-4805.