Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Melfort files Protest on Outcome of Jan 14 Game

The Melfort Mustangs filed a protest on the outcome of the Jan 14th game against the Humboldt Broncos.  As a result of the league’s decision, the last 9:37 will be replayed tonight prior to the start of the originally scheduled game that was to begin at 7:30 pm.

Explanation of Outcome.

The officials used the rule interpretation that the major penalty is to be served first and then the minor penalty for players returning to the ice if a goal is scored.  However, as the penalties were assessed to different players and different times the appropriate interpretation regarding players returning from the scoring of goals with a major and minor penalty being served should be:

Rule 4.2  Situation 6
7 – 5+GM 6:30
A8 – 2 6:15
B scores 6:10
The A8 penalty is to be washed out due to goal.


The game will be replayed from the time of the error occurred:

The score will be 3-2 for Melfort at the resumption of play at 10:23 of the 3rd period (9:37 on the clock).

All additional scoring from 10:23 of the 3rd priod (9:37 on the clock) and scoring in overtime of the protested game, will be nullified and not included in the records of the league. There were no penalties assessed after the error.

Melfort will serve the remaining 1:22 of the major penalty to #14 (Zac Somers) served by #47 (Marco Lopez) who will return to the ice at 11:45 of the 3rd period (8:15 on the clock).

Only players who were on the official Jan 14th scoresheet will be eligible to participate in the remaining time.

All league rules for suspension for the remaining time would be subject to the game after the protest play.