Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

SJHL Mandate

The SJHL will be western Canada’s premier junior “A” hockey league known for its exceptional player development and its commitment to its players, its people, and the communities we serve.

Player Development Strategy
The Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League remains one of the most successful junior A hockey leagues in Canada. The list of players who have successfully transitioned to future hockey or educational opportunities remains impressive. Success on the local and national stage is the result of many factors including coaching, skill development, training facilities, frequency on the ice, scheduling, our list system competitive parity, recruiting and our player centered philosophy. The SHA and the Saskatchewan Player Development Model, the league’s economic policies and stability of our teams are also contributing factors for success. Our goal is to offer the best development possible for our athletes.

The league features a strong commitment of volunteers throughout our twelve communities. Our players, fans, and volunteers are passionate about their players and franchises. The SJHL has successfully hosted National and International events with immense success, with special thanks to the many volunteers from each community for their commitment to their teams. Our Player Development Success can be attributed to the commitment of our coaches, managers, and the team’s dedication to have successful teams in the SJHL. SJHL communities have hosted successful National events due to the commitment and the strength of their volunteers.

Player and Team Responsibilities
All Member SJHL Clubs and Players enter into agreements to ensure that both parties understand their responsibilities to achieve a positive productive relationship. All teams commit to providing the player with excellent developmental opportunities as students, athletes, and a socially responsible individuals through community outreach and volunteerism. In return, the SJHL and the member Club anticipate that the players will respond in a positive productive manner to all operating policies and procedures. Players will also represent themselves, the SJHL, their teams and their hockey communities in a mature, constructive manner in all public activities.

SJHL Commitment to Player Development
The SJHL has made a commitment to ensure that Saskatchewan players are provided every opportunity to play, develop, and move forward in their hockey ambitions, right here, in Saskatchewan, close to home. The SJHL and the Saskatchewan Development Model has the goal of ensuring that our system will be the development system of choice for our players. The SJHL takes great satisfaction that the registration numbers show this as fact and strive to ensure all players have the choice to stay in Saskatchewan. The SJHL is committed to putting Saskatchewan back into the SJHL.

The SJHL is proud to be a leader in developing the Junior A game in Canada. Collaborating with Hockey Canada and eight other Junior Hockey Leagues to form the CJHL. These leagues use consistent application or rules and policies through the junior A supplement. The Junior A Supplement is a progressive adaptation of the playing rules and subsequent measures of discipline that emphasize skill development.