Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Nick Sereggela Wins the SJHL & STARS Air Ambulance 50-50 Lottery

The Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League (SJHL) and STARS are pleased to announce Nick Sereggela as the winner of the 2020-21 STARS/SJHL 50-50 lottery. The winner was selected by an automatic number generated system.

The final pot for the STARS/SJHL 50-50 Lottery was $13,800. Half of the total proceeds will are to be split between the SJHL and STARS while the remainder will be paid to the winner of the lottery, Nick Sereggela. Nick will be taking home a total of $6,900.

Bill Chow, President of the SJHL, stated, “STARS has made a significant impact across Saskatchewan, saving many lives with their air ambulance service. We hope that the 50-50 partnership with STARS has helped raise the funds needed to replace the STARS helicopter fleet in Saskatchewan.”

Since its inception in 1985, STARS has flown more than 45,000 missions across Western Canada. Last year alone, STARS flew 884 missions in Saskatchewan. The proceeds to STARS from the SJHL partnership will support the non-profit’s fleet renewal efforts in the province.

“Just as the SJHL was built for communities by communities, so was STARS. Both organizations want to invest in our communities, and the progressive 50-50 fundraiser is a good way,” said Tammy Beauregard, development officer with the STARS Foundation.