Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

SJHL announces mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy

The Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League announces a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy.

The mandatory vaccination policy will apply to Coaches, Players, Scouts, Athletic Therapists and Trainers, Equipment Managers, On-ice Officials, and ice level Off-ice Officials (penalty box attendants; timekeepers, and scorekeepers) and any other individuals who interact directly and on a regular basis with players.

1st vaccine to be obtained by September 10th

2nd vaccine to be obtained Oct 15th

These dates will allow ample time for teams to make sure they can help with arrangements, for any player or staff who haven’t yet received their Covid vaccine.

This will also allow time to come up with any modified work for staff or players should that be deemed necessary.

Players, coaches, staff that are not fully vaccinated must wear a mask at all times when around other players, coaches, or staff or involved in off-ice team activities.

Due to the travel restrictions into Manitoba, coaches, players, and staff, until they are fully vaccinated cannot travel into Manitoba.

This measure is in order to consider the majority of the Province of Saskatchewan, and in the interest of the communities of the SJHL, the players, coaches, staff, and volunteers of the teams, and to keep them as safe as possible.

The Saskatchewan Jr Hockey League Board of Governors approved this mandatory vaccine policy to provide the best opportunity for the players to complete the 21-22 SJHL season.