Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League


Portrayed by PW

~ Profile submitted by the Weyburn Red Wings, Image courtesy Portrayed by PW

Ian Maier is an ‘02 defencemen from Lethbridge, AB. Maier is in his second season with the Red Wings and has been a big part of the leadership group this year.

In Maier’s time with the Weyburn Red Wings he has earned himself an A on his chest, which was voted on by his teammates.  Ian always puts his teammates ahead of himself.   He’s the first guy to help and the last guy to leave.  His work ethic in practice and at the gym has earned the respect of his teammates and he always makes sure guys are all pulling the same direction.

In two years Maier has compiled 10 assists in 21 games.  Maier’s game is a shut down, hard to play against style.  He’s a smooth skating, 6’3 defenceman with a big reach and a great first pass.  His 200 foot game is developing well as he is part of Weyburn’s power play and a mainstay on the penalty kill.

Prior to his time in the SJHL, Maier played for the Lethbridge AAA Hurricanes.   He was highly sought after in the recruiting process and thought Weyburn would be a great fit for him.