Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League


By Mike Stackhouse

Larry Feszcyn moved to Flin Flon from Kelliher, Saskatchewan in 1985 when he was transferred by the company he worked for, Revelstoke Sawmill Company.  His time in the community was almost short lived.  Revelstoke went into receivership a couple of years later, but Feszcyn ended up running the Home Hardware store and Flin Flon became his permanent home from that point forward.

A good corporate citizen, Feszcyn retired 18 years ago and continues to volunteer for the Bombers, a team he jumped in with both feet a year after he moved to Flin Flon.  He’s done every job imaginable, aside from being Team President (a position he says he would never want), and is their current penalty box volunteer and statistician.

“We almost lost our team in 1988.  I remember the sweaters were all ripped and somebody wrote in a newspaper about how ragged the Bombers played and how ragged they looked.  So, I started helping out with my Home Hardware business by selling them sticks, equipment, and jerseys at cost or below cost.  I just really love hockey and wanted to see them succeed.”

Feszcyn rarely misses game.  In fact, 1998 was the last time he wasn’t at a home contest.  “My son had a game in Saskatoon,” he says.  Feszcyn has also made it a point to go to a lot of the road games.  He figures, on average, he sees about 20 of those a year and seldom misses a playoff date.  “I missed one in Weyburn two years ago, but saw every single playoff game we played during our last two years of going to the league final.”

Feszcyn served on the Board of Directors for seven years near the turn of the century and volunteered during the 2001 RBC Cup.  “Volunteers are becoming less and less in all communities.  I have the time and this community has been great to me over the years.  They supported me when I had a small business and I always tried to support them back, especially in minor sports.  Now that I’m retired (18 years), I have the time.”

Feszcyn’s volunteering isn’t limited to Flin Flon.  He works the penalty box at the Showcase and has done that ever since the event’s inception over ten years ago.

“My fondest memory would be from 1993 when we won the league title in Melville in game seven.  I was there for that and then we took our kids out of school so we could go to Amherst for the Centennial Cup.  But, my second best memory would be the playoff runs of the last two years.”

“The Junior ‘A’ game is great entertainment.  I’ve seen a lot of hockey over the years and I’d rather go to a Junior ‘A’ game over any other hockey game.  The atmosphere is great and it’s just really entertaining for the amount of money you have to spend.  You can’t beat it,” Feszcyn says.

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