Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Fraser a natural fit for new public relations/marketing position

By Dave Leaderhouse

It was a natural step for Logan Fraser to expand his role with the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League and become the public relations/marketing person.

Fraser was after all managing the league’s sponsorship program for the last five years through Fraser Strategy and he also had been working with the individual teams in fulfilling their sponsorship commitments.

“We had a lot of great applicants, but at the end of the day each had a strength – either in public relations or marketing,” acknowledged SJHL President Bill Chow. “Logan’s background with the league gave him a huge leg up anyone else.”

“It came down to what did I want to oversee more,” added Chow. “I’m more comfortable with the PR so being able to guide him in that area made more sense than in the marketing, where he was strong from his time with Fraser Strategy.”

Fraser slid into his new role on September 1 and with the league gearing up for its opening weekend this weekend he has been focused on the marketing end of the job. That will change soon, however, as once things are rolling he will get busy with the other aspect of his job – promoting the players, coaches and league.

“It’s going to be a learning curve, that’s for sure,” says Fraser. “I have a lot of experience with the teams, but not so much experience with the players. That is where I will be counting on the people already in place – Mike Stackhouse, Craig Stein, Curtis Stepp and yourself (Dave Leaderhouse).”

“I’ll be working close with Bill (Chow) and trying to take off his plate some of the tasks that promote the players,” added Fraser.

Fraser feels that moving some of that promotion into a more current format will only benefit everyone involved.

“I want to help the league move into more demographics,” says Fraser. “The players have grown up in an internet world and I want to be able to communicate with them that way.”

Working towards that goal Fraser is in the process of developing a Facebook page for the league along with expanding other social media such as Twitter and Instagram. He will also be feeding the league writers with story ideas and keeping in contact with scouts and schools to help players get the recognition they deserve.

Developing a more comprehensive marketing plan is also on the plate so Fraser has his hands full. The league has constantly said it doesn’t want to sit around and be passed by and having Fraser on board will ensure that the SJHL continues to move forward.

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