Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Petruic Reflects On Early End To Junior Career

(Photo courtesy – Yorkton Terriers / Simple Shots By Jackie)

Chantz, you had a dream regular season personally, with goal (58) and point (109) totals we haven’t seen much of in the league for a while, and now your team was in the mix contending for a league title.  Can you put into words how it felt the way it all ended?  Have your emotions changed at all over the last couple weeks?

I still can’t put into words how frustrating the end of it all was. I was devastated. Everyone was. Obviously we had no choice and did what was necessary. I would have liked to go out on my own terms in my final year as a Terrier. We had a very good chance at bringing back a title to Yorkton. The town deserves one, and so do all of the hard working people around the organization that maybe don’t get the recognition that they deserve.

Near the end of the regular season you said you had some options as to where you’ll play next season, and shortly after the playoffs you ended up committing to Carleton University in Ottawa, in the OUA Conference of USPORTS.  Can you explain why Carleton was the best fit for you and what you’re most excited about going forward?

I chose Carleton because I felt that’s where I could succeed the most as a player and as a person in the next couple of years. It’s a beautiful city, I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about the people and players. The facility is top notch. I really saw myself going to Carleton and having the best time of my life. Obviously the adjustment living that far away from home will be different, but I couldn’t be more excited. The friendships and people I meet will impact the rest of my life.

Have you been able to sit back yet and realize/appreciate the stats you put up this season personally?  They were numbers we’ve only seen a handful of times in the last 30 years – or is the disappointment of the early ended still outweighing that?

It’s hard to look past how it all ended and not being able to complete our goal of a Canalta Cup. I guess maybe a couple years down the road I’ll learn to appreciate what I have and the people around me. The personal success was nice, I think any guy will tell you that scoring and putting up points is awesome, but for me, being the captain I wanted to bring every guy on the team a ring. Unfortunately not everything in life goes to plan. I’m proud of the way our team played all year, the personal success doesn’t happen without my teammates and coaches and our trainer.

And like we said, it was an abrupt ending, and sooner than anyone hoped – you guys had at least two more games left, maybe two more playoff rounds.  Is there anything you want to add at this time?

I just want to say thank you too everyone that had an impact on my career in Yorkton. I want to thank all the coaches for trusting me and giving me the confidence to succeed every single night. I want to thank my trainer Caden ‘The Rig’ Allingham, without this guy our team couldn’t function on a day to day basis. He does more than sharpen the skates and get everything ready for a game and practice. He was always there for a laugh or something to cheer you up on a rough day or after a tough loss. I want to thank my teammates for all the memories and times we had over the last 3 years. I’ll never forget the endless laughter in the room or on the bus. I want to thank my billets. It’s hard to put into words how much the Campbell family means to me. Moving into a place with people you’ve never met in your life is a tough thing to do. Darrin & Nicole made the transition incredibly easy. They welcomed me in as their own son and I had a chance to be a big brother for their daughter Jovie. They are a second family to me and always will be.

Yorkton forever